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Shakespeare Lodge Number 284 is a highly active Masonic Lodge based in Warwick within the County of Warwickshire.
It was originally established in 1792 in Norwich by the Warwickshire Militia who at the time were based there. The Lodge was relocated to the Militia's home town of Warwick in 1808.
Although there are still members of the Lodge with strong military connections, including some in active service, since the 1950's Shakespeare Lodge has progressively become well known for its strong medical membership. However, in recent years membership has grown with new members from a diverse array of backgrounds so today Shakespeare Lodge has around fifty members from all walks of life, trades and professions.


The Lodge meets once a month from October through to May, when it then breaks for the summer recess. As a Lodge with over two hundred years of history it is not surprisingly, steeped in heritage and has retained its own special workings and traditions. Importantly these unique traditions continue to evolve right up to the present day.
These idiosyncrasies are enjoyed by members and visitors and contribute to the special and lively character of the Lodge and even extend to the festive board menu. For example, at the Master installation meetings, pheasant is served, which is believed to have first originated from when the Earl of Warwick would bring braces of pheasants to the lodge to mark the opening of the shooting season on his Warwick Castle estate. Fine dining has always famously played a part in the masonic workings of Shakespeare Lodge.
Charity obviously plays a major part in the life of Shakespeare Lodge and the Lodge regularly makes significant contributions to local charities and to charities further afield both nationally and internationally.
New members and visiting masons can be assured of a very warm welcome to this fine masonic Lodge. Evenings of enthusiastic attendance, humour, friendship, fine dining and, above all, freemasonry, ensure a very enjoyable experience.

Our Membership

New Members have regularly been  joining Shakespeare Lodge No.284 over the last few years.

But we know we cannot afford to rest on our laurels.

We recognise the need to attract Joining Members from other Lodges and even more importantly for the futurecritically Initiates who are new to Masonry.

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